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Rafael Ramos

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After studying engineering in Brazil, I decided to take a chance and pursue a childhood dream, which was to live in the United States. I can't say it was easy, since I didn't speak English, I didn't know many people and, besides all that, I was very shy.

Now, 7 years later and many jobs in the area of ​​customer service and service industry, I can say that it was worth it. Over the years, I became interested in the real estate business and acquired the confidence to dive headfirst into the market as a real estate agent.

As a Christian, I believe a lot in sharing kindness and helping others above money. I consider myself a lucky and blessed guy and it motivates me to get out of bed every day. With integrity, respect, focus, pride, and much passion, I fight daily to achieve my goals and those of my clients, who along the journey, become friends.

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